Choose Your Internet Marketer Wisely

Hammond Search Engine Optimization

I first started out with Albany Plantation knowing nothing about SEO, but I figured what the heck. I bought every EBook, attended online seminars, joined Warrior Forum, Digital Points Forum, Search Engine Land etc etc. I wanted to immerse myself in every aspect that was out there. After about 6 months things starting falling into place. Learning basics like H1 tags, H2 tags, not over stuffing keywords, creating content for the “user” NOT Google and most importantly have your URL simple and to the point. The Algorithm has changed so much and is still evolving. My technique is simple, I find sites or niches that compliment what ever site I’m trying to rank and get them to do a blog post or story about site “X”  and make sure that the links coming in are quality and high Page Rank.

For example say you have a site called and you wanted to make a page targeting Red Widgets you would want your URL to look like this After Albany Plantation I felt that I had so much more to offer and since my techniques worked, I decided to start a site specifically for helping people sell their products and services by creating great content “This is called On Page SEO” then I would use Site Explorer, Ahrefs, Majestic etc. I wanted to know “WHO” was ranking higher and what links got them there. (Always, Always, Always) analyze your competition. Think of it like this … The greatest pastry chef comes in and makes wonderful European inspired dessert cakes and pastries. Now I’m no pastry chef, BUT if I could get his recipe (BACK-LINKS) why couldn’t I produce the Exact delicious pastries and cakes. My point is “I CAN.” So I began looking at my competitors and wondered why makes their site out rank mine. More on that in a Minute”

Sure you can pay some Indian SEO company to build you 10,000 links a month for probably around 300 dollars, but I can guarantee you Not one of them will benefit your site. In fact with all the new Google algorithm updates, chances are High your website that you love with tank in the rankings or worse be penalized and banned. Then at the other end of the spectrum is the guy on the phone from a Ponchatoula or Hammond Seo Company saying that it’s going to cost a thousand dollars just to analyze your site, then they want to charge you a Ridiculous Rate for a service they clearly advertise but actually have no freaking clue what they’re doing. It makes me sick to think how many local Hammond and Ponchatoula businesses are getting the screws put to them each month for a sub par Internet Marketing Campaign. The sad part is that the poor man or lady running their small business has no clue how to actually analylize or compare their current company’s work with another.  (Ok, I’m done ranting) :)  The reason I’m so passionate about getting what’s supposedly promised is because I was that person just starting out with my business and I used several SEO companies – local and foreign – and after losing about 3k. I said enough is enough, I decided to learn how to do SEO the proper way.