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What Separates Us From The Competition

Many Louisiana SEO firms claim that they are on the cutting edge of SEO techniques; however are they really doing what is best for your site? If you look behind the curtain, you will often find that these SEO firms are not exactly doing what is best for your website for the long term. These SEO firms are using techniques that are less than ethical and are commonly known as black-hat SEO techniques. These are not the type of people that you want to have working on your website because while you may see a boost in the short term, their efforts can actually lead to your website being banned by Google or losing rank in the search engines significantly.

 Our Internet Marketing Techniques Make Page’s SEO So Effective

Page’s SEO has made a strong commitment to only using white hat SEO techniques with their clients. White hat SEO is the exact opposite of black hat SEO meaning that firms that abide by these standards only use ethical techniques to get their client’s sites ranked highly in the search engines. White hat SEO techniques are the search engine optimization techniques that are approved and welcomed by search engines such as Google and will benefit you for years to come. The main difference is that white hat SEO techniques are not intended to try and “game” the search engines but adhere to the rules set forth.

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No back door techniques

Google in the past few months has come down harshly on websites that are using techniques to try and trick the search engines into ranking their websites higher. Back door techniques include any techniques that try to cheat the search engines such as buying links. Here at Page’s SEO we frown on such techniques and do not utilize them because we understand that they will not benefit our clients in the long run. Our goal is to help our clients stay in business and ahead of their competitors for years to come and not to just give them a cheap quick boost on over their competitors which would likely only last for a few weeks.

No duplicate content

Many SEO firms will use copied content from other sources on the web or tell you that it is okay for you to use such content on your own. The bottom line is that this is not true and in fact you should make sure to use only your own unique content if you want your website to continue to rank highly in the search engines. Search engines such as Google reward site owners for becoming the authority site on a subject area with high rankings and this can only be done via publishing unique, relevant content on your website. Page’s SEO achieves this by only publishing high quality content on your own website and third party websites for link building purposes so that your website will continue to outrank competitors’ websites for years to come.

Staying on top of the latest updates

In recent years search engines like Google have gone public with releasing updates to their search engine algorithms and these updates have been coming much more frequently. Therefore at Page’s SEO we make it our priority to stay on top of the latest news from Google and other search engines so that we can ensure that we are using only the latest strategies with your website. We guarantee that we will only use techniques that fall within Google’s approved guidelines to promote your website.

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Your Security Is Our First Priority

Are you looking for some assistance with building a 100% white hat SEO strategy for your business? Get in touch with Page’s SEO today and we can provide you with a customized quote that will meet your budget and optimization requirements.


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