Ponchatoula SEO / Internet Marketing

Ponchatoula Internet Marketing

Everybody want’s to be number 1 on Google’s 1st page and that’s Great because you should strive to be

numero uno to reach the maximum amount of people per day and to have your product and

brand clicked on and browsed through more than say a site that ranks 6th or 7th or even the “Second Page”

there. The Problem is that they’re are SO MANY factors facing a company trying to properly rank a term for

Ponchatoula internet marketing like what “Keyword” would you like to rank number 1 for, how’s the

competition level for that “Keyword”,  Is the “Keyword or Phrase” short or long-tail?  What does Ad-words

have that “Keyword or Phrase” priced at per click?  These are just a few questions that need to be

answered by the SEO professions at Page’s SEO, and we ALWAYS give our clients “Realistic

expectations” because if your shopping around and you come across an SEO Company that promises you

something like this, ” YES, SURE We can get your site at the number 1 spot on Google, NO PROBLEM –

We just need 1000.00 to evaluate your site and we’re going to need 2 thousand a month to rank a “Long-tail

Keyword -example (Ponchatoula Louisiana Cajun Restaurant) .”

Anyone who makes promises like that DO NOT GIVE THEM 1 Dollar.    (RUN)


Ponchatoula SEO and Internet Marketing

With Page’s SEO representing your Ponchatoula brand or product on the web.  We are

doing so well with lots of new clients from Hammond and Mandeville businesses – we

going to start targeting Ponchatoula for its abundance of small businesses that need to be

seen by their target audience and we feel like we can provide that service along with

“local seo,” “back linking strategies” that are sure to put your site in the top positions

without spending lots of money and being told by “some companies” that it takes 8

months to several years to rank your business.


Ponchatoula Internet Marketing


Truth be told — if an Internet Marketing Company can’t rank your small business or product in a

small town like Ponchatoula Louisiana (FIRE THEM)  They are either lying to you and slowly trying to

bleed you dry OR best case they’re completely incompetent and even though they might be very nice

people, Chances are they just DO NOT HAVE the right software or connections to get high ranking PR

sites that are in the same niche with really high DA and PA.  {Domain Authority} {Page Authority}

Call us today for a free estimate and see why so many Local Hammond & Ponchatoula companies

are choosing to have Page’s SEO a local Hammond Louisiana team help them target more people and

expand their target audience.



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